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- Luning Yu

Vintop Development

I recommend the services of Bastet CMS and their Managing Director, Mourad for construction management work relating to high rise towers. Mourad and his team have proven to be a valuable aspect of our high-rise developments with their holistic approach to high rise construction. From contract tender and cost budgeting, to on site construction technology and methods, Bastet CMS reflects experience and education through every facet of their work. They are solid advisors for developers to manage the construction team and will consistently provide good ideas for the developer to consider.

Mourad and his team are able to successfully negotiate, research and provide solutions while keeping the overall budget and schedule on a tight leash, in part due to their ability to perform BIM modelling and takeoff in-house. This skillset is something we as developers are happy to take advantage as most project coordinators are not so well rounded, as well as the ability to pay attention to details. His knowledge of the Vancouver market is top tier, while at the same time staying on top of new and upcoming technologies from across the world to potentially bring here to the local market.

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