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 Advanced Constructability BIM

Main Benefits/Results

  • Receive tighter tender bids from sub-contractors due to a higher level of detail and coordination.

  • Save Contract Admin Fee from consultants due to fewer site RFIs, site visits, and document conflicts.

  • Achieve consistency and flow even when using a less experienced design/construction team because most of the conflicts will be resolved well ahead of the construction start date.

  • Carry reduced project contingency and eradicate legal disputes due to unclear or conflicting scope of work on the plans.

  • Eliminate delays, standby time, and redoing work during construction due to conflict and constructability issues.

  • Accelerate and integrate shop drawings process with BIM model.

Ideal Time to Engage us

  • Architectural Design at 60%.

  • Before the drawings are issued for tender.

  • Today! Because we are experts and promise to bring you value at any stage of the project.


  • Comprehensive report that identifies specific conflicts.

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